Visitation Policy

Phase O – No Visits allowed except in emergency situations.
Phase 1 & 2 – Visitation is offered Sunday 2 pm to 4 pm and is limited to visitors pre-approved by the Director.
Phase 3 – Residents are allowed one overnight pass to a pre-approved location once monthly.
Phase 4 – All on-campus visits must be scheduled and take place in the Community Center. (No visits to resident’s personal living quarters.) All off-site activities must be pre-approved by the Director.

In order to preserve and maintain a healthy and productive visit, all visits are evaluated and approved or disapproved according to the resident’s attitude, behavior, maturity, progress in the program, and duration of the visit.

Initial visits are restricted to immediate family members.
Friends may be pre-approved for later visits if their visits’ influence on the resident should prove to be of a good benefit. Therefore, if the visitor, family, or friend does not agree with the resident’s goals, it is better they do not visit at all.

Bridgett & Friends staff reserves the right to talk with any visitors prior to the resident’s arrival or departure.

All requests for a visit must be submitted using the form below five days before the requested visit.

Any violation of the visitation policy may result in denial of future visits until the resident proves trustworthy.