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About three years ago, Mr. Billy Mashburn, of Buckatunna Mississippi, was diagnosed with a tumor in his colon. Dr. Phillips of Meridian estimated the tumor to be “lemon” or “orange” sized. An MRI was done and an appointment was made at Anderson Regional Cancer Center. Mr. Mashburn’s treatment plan included 36 treatments of radiation and once a week chemotherapy for twelve weeks, and then surgery. The doctors were optimistic.

The night before his first scheduled treatment, Mr. Mashburn had the pastor and elders of Free Will Baptist Church to anoint him with oil and pray for divine healing.

When he arrived at his first appointment, Dr. Anderson greeted him with grave news. The doctors had studied the MRI for seven hours. They were perplexed. They couldn’t find a safe position to target the tumor without damaging healthy cells. They gave Mr. Mashburn no hope.
They performed a second x-ray. Dr. Anderson was amazed. The tumor had miraculously moved to the outside of the colon. It was in plain sight. Mr. Mashburn immediately praised God, but the good doctor cautioned him that he wasn’t healed yet. Mr. Mashburn was told to expect radiation sickness, he’d lose his hair, and become fatigued during the treatments. Only if the treatments were successful, did the surgery stand a chance.

God had his hand on Mr. Mashburn. He never lost his hair. He didn’t get sick. In fact, he never missed a day of work. He drove a school bus in the mornings, and then went for his treatment. He did miss the evening pickup, but only because of appointment times, not because of fatigue. The surgery was successful.

Though the doctor’s prognosis was hopeless. Mr. Mashburn survived his bout with cancer, and is now enjoying life with his two sons, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Isn’t our God wonderful?

This is Mr. Billy Mashburn’s testimony. I thank him for allowing me to share it with you.

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Bridgett Henson

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