Bridgett & Friends

provides a safe, controlled environment where ladies have access to church and community programs to become spiritually mature, emotionally stable, and financially independent.


Our residents are taught both the value a woman adds to the world, and her godly heritage through biblical discipleship and life-skills training. They are educated on a woman’s creation, her God-given purpose, and are taught how to fulfill their unique position.

Free Assistance

Our residents do NOT pay for room and board at our housing facilities. They are educated on financial matters and taught how to budget while learning job skills in the hopes of securing financial independence. Once they receive an income, they are required to donate 10% of net.


Our residents are provided housing in 5 Phases. They begin with dormitory-style living quarters, progress into roommate style rooms, and then move into semi-independent living. Upon graduation, our residents should have the means to secure a home of their own.


Our ministry partners offer various educational opportunities. Residents are encouraged to complete their GED, and consider filing for FASFA programs. Our residents are given multiple career choices and offered on the job training as it becomes available.


Our residents are provided with free transportation to church, job training, and educational classes. Upon entering Phase 3, they may use personal vehicles for approved activities. Drivers must hold a valid driver's license, insurance, and current registration.

Court Compliance

Our residents are encouraged to pay fines and court costs as soon as their finances allow. We DON'T give legal advice. However, we assist our residents with court compliance by offering transportation to many court appearances, and parole or probationary meetings.


The Friends Center, Inc is NOT a medical facility. We do NOT offer medical detox. However, our residents are provided with an introduction to the Great Physician and are encouraged to allow Jesus to heal the scars of life that lead to devastating addictions and strongholds.


Our residents may receive mail at c/o The Friends Center, Inc, P. O. Box 1026, Citronelle, Alabama, 36522. Visitations are prescheduled once a week. Phone privileges are increased through the duration of the program. Residents may use personal cell phones for texting and talking only during scheduled times.


Our residents must pledge to devote all of their time and efforts to their successful completion of the program. This includes a promise to NOT enter in, pursue, or continue any romantic relationships. * Excluding godly marriages. Only after building a relationship with God can they maintain other healthy relationships.

Our Residents

Many women have NO place to turn in the time of trouble. Bridgett & Friends give these ladies the tools they need to rebuild their lives and their self-confidence. Our Residents are:
Recovering from Addiction

Recovering from Addiction

From Need to Freed

Whether it be lingering hurt from abuses suffered as a child, the sudden loss of a loved one, divorce, or extreme poverty, our residents are given the tools needed to recover from life’s issues that feed drug & alcohol dependence.

Escaping Domestic Violence

Escaping Domestic Violence

From Victim to Victor

The Love of a Savior gives women the courage to escape bonds imposed upon them by others. They are taught to value themselves both as women of the world and daughters of God.

Moving From Homelessness

Moving From Homelessness

From Poverty to Promise

Not only do our residents benefit from free housing, but they are also taught job skills that will ensure their ability to provide a financially secure home for themselves and their loved ones upon graduation.

Healing From Sex-Trafficking

Healing From Sex-Trafficking

From Broken to Beautiful

Our residents are protected from negative outside influences. They are given a peaceful, safe setting and time to heal from wounds inflicted upon them. They are also taught that they have value, and freedom in Jesus.

Building from Divorce

Building from Divorce

From Alienated to Adored

Many of our residents are entering the work force for the first time. We help these precious ladies develop timely job skills, interview techniques, and secure financial aid for secondary educational classes.


The Day Adam Died

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A Safe Place

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