[guestpost]Gayle Jackson preached and held revivals in tents and churches across the United States for more than 50 years. Jackson was featured in a 1951 issue of Look Magazine, along with Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, as the three most powerful evangelists of the 20th century. He died at age 77 on September 15. 1990. Here are a few testimonies from his meetings.[/guestpost][featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]

“The Impossible” becomes “The Ordinary” in Gayle Jackson’s meetings.

* * *

I, Ardis Tassin, age 32, was blind to the extent that I could not see two feet before me. I had bad eyes all my life having been blind in my right eye, then in June 1949, the doctors gave up hope. They said I would never see anymore. But I was healed in Bro. Jackson’s meeting, and now I can see good now to get around. Every day I see better. I thank God over and over for letting me see the light again, praise the Lord. ~ Ardis Tassin, 2024 Cleveland Ave., New Orleans, LA.

* * *

Little brother and sister, Leroy and Sue Lynn were healed of crossed-eyes. Their mother writes: “Leroy’s eye had been crossed five years since!” he had the measles. Sue was born cross-eyed. Thank God for healing them.” ~ (Atlanta. Ga. meeting.)



Dear Brother Jackson: I reached your meeting last Friday night. When prayed for, I am glad to say that my eyes opened a little that night. Then on Tuesday morning I saw my little grandson when we first got up. I saw the rest of the family later. When I saw my little grandson I went all to pieces. My heart was running over with joy. I had not seen anything for five years. Doctors had given me medical treatment but they said nothing could bring back my eyesight. I am so happy Mr. Boggs over receiving my eyesight since I met you. I saw the lightning Saturday night. My eyesight is growing stronger every day. ~J. W. BOGGS, Rt. 7, Box 34, Meridian, MS



After consulting two specialists who told me not to have cataracts removed from my eyes, as I was too old, I was prayed for by Gayle Jackson in Prichard, Alabama in the spring of 1949. The cataracts rolled off both my eyes down onto my cheeks. About 200 people passed by and saw them. I want to use this testimony to the glory of God. This has been a year ago, and I am still healed and happy.~ Mrs. O. H. Parker, Sr. Rt. 1, Box 116. Whistler, AL.



The lady in the picture at right is Mrs. W.B. Riley, of 300 Commerce Street, Dothan, Alabama. She was totally blind for four years, received instant deliverance when prayed for by Rev. Gayle Jackson. She is now able to visit with her neighbors and do her work.



I was shot and robbed Oct. 12, 1948. I stayed in the hospital five months. The doctor told me that I had to wear this brace at least a year after I got out of the hospital, but on June 6 you prayed for me. I stayed in bed three days, thought I was going to die, but Saturday, June 11, went to work for the City Cab Co., left my brace at home and haven’t had to wear it since. ~ Thomas C. Cornette



Dear Brother Jackson: I have just reached home. My little girl with the crossed-eyes you prayed for is now healed-her eyes have become straight. You also prayed for my right eye which was blind. I couldn’t tell any difference that night, but oh, next morning how sweet the sunlight seemed. You will never know what you’re coming to Dothan has meant to me and my children, this side of eternity. ~ MRS. A. T. CONDREY, Route 5, Box C, Dothan, AL.



Dear Bro. Jackson: I am thanking God for healing me of cancer of the nose, and baptizing me with the Holy Ghost under your ministry. The cancer was caused by an infected mole on the right side of my nose. I have had two operations, one on each side. Very shortly the cancer was back on my left side. This time the operation took the lower half of my nose off. In a few months after that operation, the cancer was back again. We had heard of your great healing ministry, and I knew you would soon be in our city. I decided to put myself in the hands of God and trust him to save my life. You prayed for me and I was healed and am thankful that I can be a living testimony to Him today. ~ Mrs. E. Mav Swetman, 450 Division St. Biloxi, MS



My baby is now three years old and has had Bronchial Asthma all her life. I carried her to the doctors in Mobile and Beaumont, and they said there was no cure for this disease. While Brother Jackson was in Pascagoula I carried her through the prayer line. She has not been bothered with this disease since. ~ MRS. LENA ROGERS. Moss Point, Ms., Maxine Rogers



Dear Brother Jackson: At the age of sixteen, God called me to preach the Gospel. I yielded to Him and have been doing my best, working mostly in home missionary work, which has been very hard on the body. Several years ago my health began to decline, and I steadily went down. I was taken with awful stomach trouble and suffered terribly, being able to eat but very little. I was prayed for many times, but because a miracle was not performed I just considered I did not get my healing. Then I heard the great messages Brother Jackson gave and how must take my healing by faith. Thank God I got the healing of my stomach trouble, and it has held good even through the summer months.

But on the 12th day of March, this year as I arose from my bed I had a stroke and fell to the floor the floor, completely paralyzed on my right side.

I couldn’t move hand or foot. I couldn’t even turn in bed. I suffered dreadfully. Doctors who examined me said it was a stroke of paralysis caused from overwork and run down condition. There was nothing, they said, could be done except to give me a tonic to build up m y strength. They said that I would never be able to preach again. But thank God we still have a Christ that can heal the paralytic.

I was carried to the Gayle Jackson meeting at Mobile, Alabama. I suffered terribly from the trip of 130 miles. I was so sick it didn’t seem that I could sit through the message. Then Brother Jackson prayed for me, and, oh, how I felt the healing virtue go through me. By the second morning I was able to move my foot and fingers a little. The fourth day I was able to get up and walk from my bedroom, with just one to steady me a little. Day by day I gained strength. In just a few weeks I was back in my church with perfect use of myself and preaching this blessed message of Divine deliverance. I showed the doctor what the Lord had done, and all he could say was, “You are sure doing fine.” Thank God I have been preaching four months since being prayed for and am getting stronger all the time. To God be all the glory. ~ MARY AGNES WATFORD, Franklin, AL



I would like very much to pass on my testimony for the wonderful healing of my little granddaughter, Ellen Novotny, last year at one of Brother Gayle Jackson’s meetings in Biloxi, MS.

The child had been ill for quite some time and her illness was diagnosed by the doctors as T. B. of the Lymph Gland in the lung. We were so heartsick and worried, we contemplated leaving New Orleans and moving to Arizona.

One day when she was running a temperature over 103, I begged my daughter to let me take her to Biloxi to the meeting. She consented and I took her that night. Bro. Jackson prayed for her and she was healed. When the doctor took another x-ray he said there were no signs of T. B. and the lymph gland has returned to its normal size.

She has gained weight and has a good appetite. I will always thank God for His healing power. ~ Mrs. D. Agregaard, 4416 Dryades St., New Orleans, LA.



When Evangelist Gayle Jackson came to Dothan, Alabama, I had been in the T. B. sanatorium, and the doctor said I would have to stay for two years or more, with a chance of never getting well. My family came to take me to be prayed for, but the doctor said that if I left the hospital and quit taking the treatment that I had just as well take a gun and shoot my brains out. But thank God, after Bro. Jackson prayed for me, I begin to improve, and in a month I went back to work, and have been working ever since, and I am perfectly well. I have gained 20 pounds in these eight months, weighing more than I have ever weighed. ~ J. T. Standifer, 1205 S. St. Andrews

Pastor’s confirmation: I have known J. T. Standifer all my life, know the time that he went to the T. B. sanatorium, visited him there several times, and knew that unless God would undertake for him he would not last long. He was prayed for by our Bro. Jackson in the great meeting here last July. He is now a well man, faithful in the service of the Lord, in praying and paying his tithes, he works hard and feels good, and you would never think of him as one time being a T. B. victim. ~ Pastor Max McNabb, Meridian, MS.



Dear Brother Jackson: I am so glad to testify that the Lord has healed my little girl that was deaf and dumb. She was prayed for Sunday, August 21. We praise the Lord. The little girl’s name is Louise Clark. ~ MRS. W. A. CLARK, Needham, AL.



Dear Brother Jackson: I was healed of cancer on the face, also head trouble and nervousness. I am praising God for it, and pray God will continue to bless you in your work. ~ MRS. GEORGE DICKENS, Moss Point, MS.

* * *

Dear Brother Jackson: You prayed for the healing of cancer on my eye. I thank the Lord for healing me and for sending you this way. ~ MRS. R. B. WHEELER, Hillsboro, MS.

* * *

Dear Brother Jackson: I want to give a word of praise for healing. I had a cancer on my head which had abscessed in one place. The doctors said it was about to abscess on the brain. They operated to take it off, but it still was running and would not heal. I went to the tent Friday night and you prayed for me. Thank God I was healed. When I got up Saturday morning I was completely healed. And I saw out of an eye that had been blind for twenty-one years. Praise God! ~ MRS. MARY SWANNER, Rt. 4, Meridian, MS.

Son’s Confirmation of Above Testimony: I am happy to report the wonderful healing of my mother’s body. She had a cancer on her head. She was operated on, but it wasn’t any better. The place was red and sore. She was so weak she could hardly walk across, the floor. I carried her to the tent. You prayed for her .and the next morning this cancer was healed completely. She is perfectly well. I give God all the praise. ~ MR. GRADY SWANNER, Meridian, MS.


Read more about this healing ministry in his book Divine Deliverance.

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