Testimony Tuesday with Shawna Boone

I was privileged to have Shawna in my class at the Haven. Here is her story…

Testimony Tuesday with Shawna Boone

God has just completely and totally amazed me.

I fought His will for so long. I kept myself in bondage for so long trying to hold on to the world. And by doing so, I was letting go of Him.

I was a drug addict, depressed, full of anxiety, a thief, a liar, and every other less than desirable quality you can think of.

I doubted that there was a God for a good part of my life. When I look back now though, I can see His hand keeping me safe and guiding me to Him. I didn’t have a childhood anybody would willingly choose.

I became hooked on drugs in high school. It kept progressing until all I was a junkie. I went so low and did things I never imagined myself doing.

But God still found me worthy of saving. Jesus thought I was worthy to die for.

I got saved November of 2014 at the Home of Grace. I asked Jesus to come into my life while I was sitting in a room all by myself not knowing what to do or where my journey would take me. I just knew I was in need of a Savior.

I went back to drugs a couple of times because I was holding onto things that I was putting God on the back burner for.

In September of 2016, I asked Jesus back into my life and went to Haven of Hope in Mt. Vernon.

This time, I gave everything up and completely surrendered my life to God. I finally grasped how much God TRULY loved me. I got closer to Him than ever before and I was so content. I have this peace in my life now that, even in all my circumstances, could not be taken from me.

What God gives, the world cannot take away!

He is my provider. He is my strength. He is my comforter.

For great is thy mercy toward me: and thou hast delivered my soul from the lowest hell. ~ Psalm 86:13

Testimony Tuesday with Holeigh Platt

An addiction deliverance testimony.

I first met Holeigh at church camp. She was a teenage camper. I was a volunteer counselor. I never would’ve dreamed she’d one day sit in my class at the Haven of Hope. Here is her story.

Testimony Tuesday with Holeigh Platt

My name is Holeigh. I was raised in a Godly Christian Home. I loved God and anything that brought me closer to Him. I loved youth camps and youth conferences. I stayed plugged in.

At the age of 17, I stopped doing all those things because I wanted to fit in. Curiosity killed the cat. Right? I began to try drugs. You name it, I did it. I became an IV user. It was all fun until I found myself almost dead, loosing my children, and ending up in jail.

At this point, I was so misable with life. I hated living. I was convinced I was not gonna be anything more than a junkie.

I wanted help. I wanted to let God be my Savior. I was tired of running. I finally called on Him May 28th and told God I was done!

It has been a fight since that day, but I don’t regret giving my life to God. He hasn’t ever failed me! I have such a joy and peace about everything.

God’s got my life! I’m an overcomer. Amen!

God is already restoring everything back to me. I’m so thankful to God for giving me a second chance and showing me favor. Favor is being shown grace and mercy when we don’t deserve it.

But He did it. He truly delivered me. I am beyond blessed to be able to say I’m clean sober and in my right mind!

That’s the God I serve! I just love Him so much because He loved me. He died for me and if that’s not enough to be thankful for I don’t know what is!

Let God turn your mess into a message like He did for me. He isn’t a respecter of persons! Truly submit to Him. Not my will, but His will be done.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. ~ II Corinthians 5:17


Testimony Tuesday with Brittney Perryman

A Hug from God

Brittney Perryman Testimony Tuesday

Brittney is my niece. She was raised by my sister-in-law and her husband. From her infancy to years into her girlhood, Brittney called one man daddy only to discover years later that he wasn’t her biological father. After a DNA test proved her parentage, the man who fathered her hasn’t had a lot of (if any) contact with her. This is her testimony how her heavenly Father proved that He both loved and wanted her to be His child.

After work on July 18th, 2017,  I had to bring milk to Camp Beno for Girl’s church camp and pick my meme up. We both wanted to stay for that night’s service, so we sat around talking waiting for church to start.

Well, we got ready for church and sat down so the girls could get ready for the choir and skits. Both skits were amazing. When all that was over with, it was time for Mrs Tera to start preaching.

She preached an amazing sermon. She talked about how no one was a mistake. Everybody was worthy. Well, it kinda touched me because I had been down lately thinking…

“My dad don’t want me. ”

“Was I a mistake to him?”

“Does he wanna know who I’ve become?”

I was crying already when she started her sermon. When it came time to pray, I broke down to God because I knew there was nobody else who could give me the answers to my questions. As I was laying there asking God to give me answers and praying for forgiveness for whatever I have done to make Him not want me, I was feeling as if I was alone.

But then, I felt as if someone was hugging me. I looked up and I didn’t see no one. But I still felt as if someone was sitting right beside me, hugging me. I didn’t feel alone anymore.

God didn’t speak with words to me that night.

He spoke with a hug to let me know I’m not facing this alone; I don’t have to worry about a thing; just to put my pain and sadness in His hands and let him take care of everything.

A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation. ~ Psalm 68:5