We were created to have fellowship with God and each other. When there’s no fellowship, there’s no connection or communication. We feel alone, left out, and sometimes forsaken.

During this time, the enemy can slip into our minds and convince us that we aren’t important to the kingdom. Because of this, we often withdraw into ourselves. Sometimes to the point where our job or our purpose is neglected. When we fail at our purpose, we fell like failures.

However, some of this isolation can be avoided by fellowshipping with our fellow workers. When we realize that each of us has a unique role to fill in God’s kingdom, when we acknowledge that none of those roles are more important that the other, then we can honestly give testimony to the battles we’ve won, and difficult tasks we’ve completed without feeling embarrassed or boastful.

We should celebrate each other’s victories and commiserate when failure hovers around every corner.

Fellowship with like-minded Christians strengthens us, encourages us, and reminds us that the Kingdom won’t be complete until our King returns.

When He arrives, he should find us working together towards saving souls and bringing Him glory.

In His kingdom, will find our eternal Happily-Ever-After. Let’s encourage one another in Christian fellowship until Christ’s return.

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

Bridgett Henson

I am a sinner saved by amazing grace. I use both written and spoken words to help kindred souls see their own beauty through God's eyes in hope that they will accept their Happily Ever After as provided by Jesus Christ. I've authored 3 books in The Whatever Series, and am a book coach with Empowered Publications.


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