Come and See!

Come and See

In today’s world we have problems. Big, unsurmountable mountains that can’t be moved.

Or can they? 

You’ve read of miracles performed in the Bible. You’ve heard of miracles happening today.

Can they happen to you? For you?

Jesus said in the first chapter of John, “Come and see.”
And, I invite you to come and see, Jesus.


An addict can’t deliver themselves from addiction. A cancer patient can’t wish their cancer gone. Depression isn’t cured by forcing yourself to smile. An abused wife has no place to turn.

Is there help for the helpless?

Again, Jesus said in the first chapter of John, “Come and see.”
You may have tried many things. And those things have failed you. Counseling? Meditation? New Age doctrines? Drugs? Alcohol? Promiscuous relationships?

Isn’t it about time, you turned to the one man who can help you?

Go see Jesus. See if He will help you?

If you’ve been following Him from afar wanting only to see His home, He’s calling you forward. (Just as He did to Andrew and John.)
If you are reading this and need to change your identity in Christ, He will change your name. (Just as He did for Peter.)
If you are lost, He will find you. (As He found Phillip.)
And if you are like Nathaniel and doubt the words you are reading, it’s okay. Come and see.

Come and see if Jesus loves you.
Come and see if Jesus has the power to set you free from your sins.
Come and see that you can live in peace, joy, and faith.
Come and see Jesus.
He can be found in prayer.

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One thought on “Come and See!

  1. Needed to be reminded of this today. So I did just that . I asked God for what I truly want . As for your present , would be scared to guess after that list ! Lol