Wednesday Bible Study – The fight for Israel Simplified.

The fight for Israel Simplyfied

Have you ever heard of two brothers fighting over a parent’s Last Will & Testament? Most of the time when this happens the rest of the family is divided as sides are chosen. Which brother is the rightful heir?

Well, that’s what’s going on between the Jews and the Muslims. There are two brothers, Ishmael and Isaac, fighting over their father Abraham’s property—Israel.

To understand this story completely, we need to go back and examine the family tree. A tree which we are all a part of. Whether you like it or not, we as humans are all one big family. Regardless of our skin color, we are all descended from Noah who was descended from Adam.


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1 So, it’s safe to say that God owns all the land. It is His land to do with what He wills.

During the flood, He destroyed all life on earth except those He spared on the Ark. Noah, Ham, Shem, Japheth and their four wives Genesis 7:13. In essence, He wiped the earth clean, and began again. Genesis 6:17 Unfortunately for Canaan, Ham didn’t learn from the destruction of all the wicked, and his descendants would become servants to Shem’s descendants.  Genesis 9:25 But we’ll get to that later.


When most people read the bible, they skip over the “begats”. However, I love studying genealogies. I admit that I lose myself in mathematical calculations, and have to pull myself back to the present study.

Which is Israel. Which goes back to Abraham who was born with the name Abram. The “begats” in Genesis 11:10-19 reveal a few interesting things.

  1. Abram was born only 301 years after the flood.
  2. Noah was alive when Abraham was born.
  3. Shem (Noah’s son) lived through all but the last 25 years of Abraham’s life.


If you take all these facts into consideration, you’ll see that the world’s population was one huge family. Like our families today, some of these family members were godly. Some were very wicked. But unlike today, this family had a unique opportunity.

Have you ever heard the ol’ saying, “The World is full of endless possibilities”? Well, this was so true for them. The world was freshly re-created. Think of the beach. How the waves come in and sweep the sand clean. Well, that was how I imagine the world during the days of Abram(Abraham). The land was washed clean, untouched, and available.

God commanded this family to go and repopulate the earth. Genesis 9:1 For some reason (I believe they were afraid of another flood), they didn’t. Until, God scattered them by confusing their languages. Genesis 11:8 So now, we see a divided family roaming about the land trying to find their place and purpose.


We have established that God owns the land and can give it to whoever He wants to inhabit it. But some members of this family didn’t acknowledge the sovereignty of God, and they fought over His possessions.

Which brings us back to our original question.

Who did God give the land that is now Israel?

We begin answering that question in Genesis Chapter 12. We’ll start there next week.

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The Rotten Plums of Life

We have 3 plum trees in our front yard. For years these trees put off beautiful blooms in the Spring. When the blooms fell a small fruit remained on the tree. Every year I thought, we will have a good crop this year. But the first Spring storm would knock the small fruits to the ground before they reached maturity. My husband threatened to cut down the trees, but I talked him out of it. For more than ten years this cycle continued. Beautiful blooms. Small, green fruit. Nothing.

Until one year I decided to pray for plums.

Sounds silly right?

Anyway, that year the fruit held on a little longer. But just when the fruit was almost ready for harvest, a southern thunder storm came and knocked the plums to the ground. Hundreds of them. Those little fruits made a mess. Yellow jackets swarmed as the plums rotted on the ground.

I almost gave up. But I continued to pray for plums.

How Important is Christian Fellowship Outside of Church?

Ladies and Ms Bridgett in Gazebo

We were created to have fellowship with God and each other. When there’s no fellowship, there’s no connection or communication. We feel alone, left out, and sometimes forsaken.

During this time, the enemy can slip into our minds and convince us that we aren’t important to the kingdom. Because of this, we often withdraw into ourselves. Sometimes to the point where our job or our purpose is neglected. When we fail at our purpose, we fell like failures.

However, some of this isolation can be avoided by fellowshipping with our fellow workers. When we realize that each of us has a unique role to fill in God’s kingdom, when we acknowledge that none of those roles are more important that the other, then we can honestly give testimony to the battles we’ve won, and difficult tasks we’ve completed without feeling embarrassed or boastful.

We should celebrate each other’s victories and commiserate when failure hovers around every corner.

Fellowship with like-minded Christians strengthens us, encourages us, and reminds us that the Kingdom won’t be complete until our King returns.

When He arrives, he should find us working together towards saving souls and bringing Him glory.

In His kingdom, will find our eternal Happily-Ever-After. Let’s encourage one another in Christian fellowship until Christ’s return.

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

Come and See!

Come and See

In today’s world we have problems. Big, unsurmountable mountains that can’t be moved.

Or can they? 

You’ve read of miracles performed in the Bible. You’ve heard of miracles happening today.

Can they happen to you? For you?

Jesus said in the first chapter of John, “Come and see.”
And, I invite you to come and see, Jesus.


An addict can’t deliver themselves from addiction. A cancer patient can’t wish their cancer gone. Depression isn’t cured by forcing yourself to smile. An abused wife has no place to turn.

Is there help for the helpless?

Again, Jesus said in the first chapter of John, “Come and see.”
You may have tried many things. And those things have failed you. Counseling? Meditation? New Age doctrines? Drugs? Alcohol? Promiscuous relationships?

Isn’t it about time, you turned to the one man who can help you?

Go see Jesus. See if He will help you?

If you’ve been following Him from afar wanting only to see His home, He’s calling you forward. (Just as He did to Andrew and John.)
If you are reading this and need to change your identity in Christ, He will change your name. (Just as He did for Peter.)
If you are lost, He will find you. (As He found Phillip.)
And if you are like Nathaniel and doubt the words you are reading, it’s okay. Come and see.

Come and see if Jesus loves you.
Come and see if Jesus has the power to set you free from your sins.
Come and see that you can live in peace, joy, and faith.
Come and see Jesus.
He can be found in prayer.