The Rotten Plums of Life

[featured-image single_newwindow=”false”]We have 3 plum trees in our front yard. For years these trees put off beautiful blooms in the Spring. When the blooms fell a small fruit remained on the tree. Every year I thought, we will have a good crop this year. But the first Spring storm would knock the small fruits to the ground before they reached maturity. My husband threatened to cut down the trees, but I talked him out of it. For more than ten years this cycle continued. Beautiful blooms. Small, green fruit. Nothing.

Until one year I decided to pray for plums.

Sounds silly right?

Anyway, that year the fruit held on a little longer. But just when the fruit was almost ready for harvest, a southern thunder storm came and knocked the plums to the ground. Hundreds of them. Those little fruits made a mess. Yellow jackets swarmed as the plums rotted on the ground.

I almost gave up. But I continued to pray for plums. (more…)